2007 – Sixteen Songs

Sung to the the tune of “Sixteen Tons”
Lyrics by Doug Frazier


Mayoff Day, and what do you get?
Bellinis and cookies, and maybe then wet!
It’s, ‘Hello,’ Bernie, Denise gets kissed,
then wave, ‘hi, there,’ to the friends that you’ve missed.

We’ve had sixteen songs, (well, one was a glitch!)
All sung off-tune, off-key and off-pitch
We’ve bellowed them out, falsetto and base
And tried our best, ’til we’re red in the face!

Denise and Bernie, they take it quite well.
They smile politely, you’d think we sung swell.
They’re consummate hosts, they really are fine,
They laugh and clap, then guzzle more wine!

But we all have fun, and every year say,
We just can’t wait for next Mayoff Day.
But it isn’t the singing, the drinks or food,
It’s the family of friends and the general mood.

Mayoff Day doesn’t last very long.
Bellinis and cookies and a doggerel song!
Then, ‘farewell,’ Bernie ­ Denise a kiss,
And we wave, ‘good-by,’ to those we will miss.