2011 – Each year on Mayoff Day

Sung to the tune of Humoresque
Lyrics by Doug Frazier


Each Year, on Mayoff Day, we meet
To greet, and eat Denise’s treats
And catch up on each others tales and lives!

And this year, too, as oft we do,
‘Tis true, don’t you, I know you, too
Will brag a bit about your kids and wives!

We sang no songs, the winter, long,
And spring’s, near gone, yet lingers on
The summer’s but a fortnight from this fest.

Enjoy the night, the time is right
To sip, til’ tight, enjoying bites
Of savory morsels, each one seems the best.

And join with kin and, with our friends
Discussing trends, enlarging ends
Cast ills aside and laugh the night away!

We gather here in June, each year
We all appear to each be near
You two, who bring us close each Mayoff Day!