2013 – Sunrise, Sunset

Sung to the tune “Sunrise, Sunset”
Lyrics by Doug Frazier

Again it is time for celebration,
Time, now, to join our friends at play?
Each year we’ve met this special evening,
Mayoff Day.

Children grow older, then they marry,
Their families adding to the joy.
Short years have passed their way
since we were young!

Sunrise, sunset,
Sunrise, sunset,
Each day journeys start.
Each hour has its celebrations,
Each minute something stirs our heart.

Fondly, recall the many memories,
Fondly, remembering to say,
This is for us a special evening,
Mayoff Day.

Sunrise, sunset,
Sunrise, sunset,
Each day, something new.
Each stranger met may be a friend, soon,
Friends meeting friends are family, too.

Friendships you carefully have tended,
Friendships help celebrate each May,
Joining the circle of your family,
Mayoff Day!