2014 – Mayoff Day Walk

Sung to the tune “Baby Elephant Walk”
Lyrics by Doug Frazier


Bernie and Denise went down to Cape Town.
Down to Africa to see the sights.
All day… They Flew…
When at last they finally arrived there
They toured the city, and then they headed out, excited, to the veldt.

From safari camp they ventured out,
Photoed wildebeest and dik-diks, too!
Then helped… A rhino.
Saw giraffes and lions in the sunlight.
And crocodiles, and watched a leopard stalking, he was hunting for his meal.
And, of course, the biggest sight of all –
Bigger than the hippo or the gnu.
The ele….. ephant…..

Bulls and cows and little ele-babies!
Denise and Bernie; they had a great time, took lots of photos, then flew home.
…. And now they’re back!