Above and below: Art Mayoff

As the meal wound down, Art Mayoff took the podium and unveiled a few surprises... The first was the debut of the Summer edition of the Family Descendant. Copies were handed to all attending and some extras to take home. Everyone was encouraged to visit Mayoff.com-click here- to view and download a color version of the newsletter (a printed color sample was passed around for all to appreciate what they are missing).

Above: Souvenir Pens

Souvenir embossed ballpoint pens were awaiting everyone at their tables.

Above: Ariel Wiseman

In the tradition of the 1950's, originated by Hymie Mayoff, all the youngsters were asked to line up in front of the podium so they could receive a monetary reward - this time a brand new uncirculated "gold" US one dollar coin.

Above: The eldest and the youngest attending - Sol Mayoff and Tyler Mayoff

Above: Art helps Sol take May off the calendar

Sol was also asked to be the one to participate in the calendar ceremony - taking May off the calendar. As the evening drew to a close, everyone gathered for a group photo. Parting comments included "Let's do it again next year."

Above: Sue and Art Mayoff

Above: Ariel, Brahm and Samena Wiseman

Above and below: Ernest Weiss and Howard lead the singing of the Mayoff Day song to the tune of "That's Amore"

Above: Sarah and Moe Mayoff singing "That's a'Mayoff."