Bernie and Denise Mayoff in the Galapagos

February 25 – March 6, 2018

Our adventure started in Guayquil, Ecuador and then 300 miles into the Pacific to cruise, hike, snorkel and marvel among seven of the islands in this volcanic archipelago.  We were lucky enough to see and even capture a fleeting image of a rare, albino finch.  We’re pleased to share this small portion of our photographic library with friends.  All of the images, including the motion clips and underwater images in the adventure video, were photographed by Bernie or Denise except for some of the images of us.  The separate snorkeling video was photographed by our guides using their GoPro cameras.

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Penguin head, in profile, peeking up out of the oceanSome of the most interesting, rare or challenging images
Galapagos adventures - video
School of Razor SurgeonfishSnorkeling in the Galapagos - video
Bernie and Denise standing on a beachAll of the still images in the Bernie and Denise video