The Quest for Leopard

October 22 – 30, 2018

Our third photo safari to Africa was focused on finding leopard.  Cheetah would be a bonus.  We succeeded!  And beyond.   Photos were taken at Mashatu in Botswana, and at MalaMala in South Africa.  All of the images and video were photographed by Bernie or Denise (except for the images of us).

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Mother cheetah and three cubsSome of our best Africa 2018 photos
Rhinoceros mother and babyAction video of baby and juvenile elephants, baboons, rhinoceros, lions and cheetah among others. Warning: Some animals are grazers, some are predators. This video contains both.
Red-eyed Dove, Swainson's Spurfowl and an impala overlooking them at water's edgeRelaxing video slideshow look at most of the types of mammals, birds and reptiles that we saw
Close-up of baby elephant nursing with its trunk curled up over its head.All of the individual photos from the video slideshow (82 types of bird, four reptiles, about 26 mammals)