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Montreal Reunion – 2001

Report from Rhea Bottler:

It was a lot of fun for me to be part of the Mayoff Day Celebration in Montreal this year. I proudly told my friends (and anyone else who would listen) all about the Mayoff cousins and how we celebrate our family name. Lots of chuckles and head bobbing came my way. I love spreading good cheer.

It always amazes me that whenever I attend a Mayoff cousins’ function everyone is happy to see everyone and the smiles remain all evening. This year was no different. A big hug to Sarah, Essie and Vivian. I appreciate the time and effort they put into the 2001 Mayoff Day Celebration.

Essie Mayoff maintained the Mayoff Day song tradition by writing a song she entitled “This is Mayoff Day” sung to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” I literally couldn’t believe my ears. Continue reading →

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Israel Reunion – 2001

Cousins meet in person for the first time — in Israel!

In January 2001, Rhea Bottler met cousins Lilian and Ella Novak, face to face for the first time, in Israel.

Rhea Bottler, descended from Sonia Bottler, submitted this first person article.

January 2001, by Rhea Bottler

After arriving in Israel I spoke with both Lilian and Ella Novak (descended from Leizer Majew) on the telephone before actually meeting with them in Tel Aviv.  Mother and daughter are both so friendly and warm that I immediately felt like I had known them always.  That was my feeling last year when I spoke with Lilian and Ella then.  Since we actually did not meet the last time I was in Israel, I was thrilled to be able to meet both women this trip.

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Montreal Reunion – 2000

Our Montreal cousins held a mini-reunion on May 28, 2000.  Fifty Mayoff friends and family convened to celebrate our international family holiday, Mayoff Day. Held at the Bifteck restaurant in Montreal, it was a night to remember.

The evening started off with a “COD” cocktail party in the comfortable ante-room next to the banquet dining hall.  Mayoffs, Mayoff descendants and friends of Mayoffs enjoyed hugging, talking, perusing photo albums, posing for photos and coralling youngsters.

mound of Mayoff Day cookies

Mayoff Day cookies

In anticipation of this special event, Sue and Art Mayoff baked 150 official Mayoff Day cookies, which by the end of the evening had disappeared leaving only a tray of crumbs.  Some people were even heard excusing themselves from conversation so they could grasp a few more chocolate peanut butter chip cookies before they were all gone.

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Southern California Reunion – 2000

The Southern California branches of the Mayoff Family held an informal gathering in Tarzana, California on Saturday January 15th, 2000. Graciously hosted at the home of Manny and Arleen Bernstein, high in the hills above the San Fernando Valley, everyone had a super day.

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Montreal Reunion – 1999

Our Montreal cousins held a mini-reunion/dinner with dozens attending.

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