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Mayoff Day 2001 song

Mayoff Day 2001

Lyrics by Essie Mayoff (Ush/Sch) of Montreal, Quebec.

Sung to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” at the Montreal celebration.

musical notes

And now the time is here
The Mayoff clan has got to-gether
It’s “Mayoff Day” – the end of May
It doesn’t matter what the weather.

We greet each other – we hug and kiss.
We tell them all what we have missed
It’s “Mayoff Day” – It’s our way forever.

We hope the young will carry on –
For our tradition will never be gone.

So to happy times we raise our glass.
Our cousin club – it sure has class.
We eat and drink, we laugh and sing
This “Mayoff Day” is a real big thing.

After to-night it’s time to say
We’ll see you all next “Mayoff Day.”
And if it seems so far away,
Just stay in touch – it will mean
So much – It’s our way forever.

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1995 Reunion Song

Original lyrics by Doug Frazier, 1995
modified by Art Mayoff for 1995 reunion with permission.
To the tune “Puff the Magic Dragon”


Here are all the Mayoffs,
lots we can see.
All gathered here to celebrate
our extended family!

Friday night, then Saturday,
everyone enjoys
Making friends with those we knew
when we were girls and boys.

(Chorus) Here are all the Mayoffs,
lots we can see.
All gathered here to celebrate
our extended family!
Here are all the Mayoffs,
lots we can see.
All gathered here to celebrate
our extended family!
Marla, Art and Sarah worked
with Susan on the phone,
And Rocky kept a lookout
while Shirley lent her home.
Solly’s boys arranged the day –
On Sunday we would come
To honour Zelig and his kids
this Mayoff re-un-ion.


Come join the celebration –
enjoy the happy throng.
Renew old ties and don’t forget
to sing the Mayoff song!
And toast the name of Mayoff
and talk and eat and play.
Treasure the place and family,
for this is Mayoff Day.

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1995 Reunion Poem

MMM – Montreal Mayoff Mania
by Susan Mayoff-Vamos


Looking at all of you is a heart warming sight,
One Hundred and ten cousins are here tonight.

You know as we sit here, there can be no denying,
We are all descendants of Zelig and Chaim.

Although we come in different sizes and variations,
We’re family, that’s the “WHY” of these celebrations.

It’s a miracle that this reunion’s a success,
Our initial meetings were a bit of a mess.

First we wondered where these meetings should be,
At Shirley’s or Sarah’s or Rocky’s, you see.

Then the problem escalated as to which day,
Since we couldn’t meet when the Expo’s play.

And then whose turn was it to be chair?
Was it Shirley’s or Sarah’s? We tried to be fair.

Endless discussions on banquet rooms, menus and food,
Debating whether chicken should be roasted or stewed.

Every opinion different, each person right,
No wonder the meetings went late into the night.

Should we hire musicians to entertain as we dine?
Should we serve liquor or just stick to wine?

Half the committee voted yes, while the other half, no,
So I’m the entertainment, with a sip of Bordeaux.

Which hotel should house our out-of- town guests?
There were many suggestions, each thought their’s best.

We finally agreed on a downtown location,
Rocky and Richard Pervin made the reservation.

Although we cousins are known for our stubborn streak,
The lookout for this reunion started looking less bleak…..

When spring approached and another meeting was held,
Surprisingly, we realized our plans had jelled.

The registration fees were handled by Marla and Ted,
Thanks to them we know we won’t be in the red.

Doug and Robert arranged the memorial visit and Sunday brunch,
Thanks to these guys for coming through in the crunch.

Credit for the dinners belong to the whole crew, Vivien, Pete, the two Shirleys, Rocky, Moe and Sarah, too.

Thanks to Rocky and Judy for arranging visitor transportation,
And Sharon’s hotel welcome-bags were quite a sensation.

If you’re a tourist wondering what’s happening in town,
Marla’s list of activities won’t let you down.

And Sharon was in charge of photos, let’s remember,
And don’t forget Nancy, our polite and silent member.

Although Richard joined our committee a little bit late,
We’re so glad he did, his banner is great.

Oh yes, and another who deserves a mention,
My husband Peter for his support and attention.

When we needed a room for the Saturday site,
He kindly offered this club for the night.

In gratitude for his help, he deserves a payoff,
How about a name change from Vamos to Mayoff.

Although the meetings were held in La Belle Province,
There was someone in California leaving nothing to chance.

The E-mail, fax and phone lines were busy,
The letter carriers were getting dizzy.

All the info we had, I was feeding to Art,
So he could proceed to do his part.

He still edited the Newsletter, he didn’t miss a beat,
And managed to be our producer/director, what a feat….

Creating our family trees, programs, rosters and maps,
Left him little time for recreation or naps.

One Sunday alone he spent seventeen hours,
Sometimes I think he has magical powers.

And lets not forget his wife, dear Sue,
If it weren’t for her, I don’t know what he’d do.

She shares her Hubby with both the computer and us,
And for her generosity she deserves and A-plus.

From where did all our out-of-town families come?
From Illinois, six is the sum.

Eight families from Ontario, by my estimation.
And California has about the same representation.

We’ve got cousins from Mass. and North Carolina,
New York and Kentucky, what could be fina.

To all our families, we’re so grateful you’re here,
Your presence has contributed to our good cheer.
However the absence of relatives from across the sea,
Leaves empty spaces where family should be.

Let’s hope when our next reunion takes place,
The overseas Mayoffs will be here to embrace.

One final mention, a thanks to Moe,
For bringing Esther, the star of the show.

In conclusion, thanks to each committee member,
For an interesting experience I’ll always remember.

It was great being on the reunion planning committee,
But next time can we please have it in another city?

[Post reunion addition….]

Not mentioning Ralph’s bags and Joanne, I regret,
And I apologize for anyone else I did forget.

I tried to include all who helped the cause,
Unfortunately my memory is not without flaws.

Please forgive me, as no harm was meant,
See you all at the next family event.

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