Doug Mayoff (Abr) family

Harley, Dylan, Cynthia, Doug, Chelsea Mayoff Vaupshas, Ryan Vaupshas 

  • Son Harley, 22, graduated McGill law school in December 2018 and is entering bar school in January.  He has a position at top law firm Stikeman Elliot.
  • Son Dylan, 28, and living in New York and works for Saks 5th Ave in loyalty marketing.
  • Doug’s wife, Cynthia, is a happy mom and wife.
  • Doug just happily sold his 36 year business to a company who is taking on all his staff which delights Doug.
  • Daughter Chelsea, 31, and a graduate lawyer but working in sales and marketing in the fashion business which was always her passion.
  • Chelsea’s husband of 2 ½ years, Ryan Vaupshas, heads up the Canadian division of a large European consulting company.