This website is dedicated to preserving the history of Mayoffs around the world, and providing news and entertainment for our extended family and friends.

Stages of human evolutionIn the mid-1980’s Art Mayoff, of Benicia, California, began his quest for information about his heritage and lineage.  Online research and interviews with family members that he knew led to a growing network of contacts.  Each contact provided additional information more contacts.  Relatives were discovered around the world.  Variations in the spelling of our name were documented.  Through years of research and detective work, Art was able to develop an extensive family tree of his entire generation and many descendants, and taking our paternal lineage back three generations to approximately 1800 in Russia.  That family tree also includes a brief history.

Family Descendant mastheadIn the fall of 1993 Art produced his first printed newsletter and named it The Family Descendant.  Distribution of the newsletter led to growth in the Mayoff network, stories and pictures for the newsletter, and several international reunions.  The newsletter continued publication through the summer of 1990.  Family members may view all of the newsletters in the Family Only section of this website — a password is required.

Art’s cousin, Bernie Mayoff became a frequent contributor to the newsletter.  As Art transitioned from printed media to a website, Bernie continued his role as a contributor and also as an editor.  As the inflow of new material slowed down, reports about the annual Mayoff Day celebrations became a major source for updates to the website.  With changes in technology, Bernie and Art switched roles, with Bernie maintaining and operating the website and Art continuing as adviser.

Other responsibilities have led to a freeze in the genealogy and family tree that Art built.  The document is available in the Family Only section of this website.  A volunteer to take over maintenance of this family tree would be welcome.

A more limited family tree in pdf format, focused on the ancestors and descendants of the family of Bernie and Denise Mayoff, is also accessible through the Family Only section of this website.