New menu

The original website, created in 1996 by Art Mayoff, featured the graphic menu pictured here.

old menu graphics

Graphic menu from original website

In 2018 was rebuilt by Bernie Mayoff to take advantage of newer technology.  The new site is mobile friendly, features a standard menu interface, adapts to mobile devices and any screen size, and is much easier to maintain.

If you are viewing the site on a large screen such as a computer, please use the new menu at the top of your browser window.  It looks something like:

image of computer menu

New menu area viewed on a computer screen

If you are viewing the site on a mobile phone or other small screen device, please use the “hamburger” menu in the upper left corner of your browser window.   It looks like this:

Mobile menu "hamburger"

Mobile menu “hamburger”

We hope you find the site interesting.  You can make it more interesting by sending us your updates.