Leg of Lamb – Polynesian BBQ Style

(or Art Mayoff’s remarkable way of making Lamb taste like it isn’t lamb.)  This recipe is a winner for both those who like Lamb and for those who might shy away from it.


  • Leg of Lamb, Bone in – Choose your own size, as needed.
  • 1 16 to 24 ounce jar of Pineapple/apricot preserve (the kind used on toast)
  • 1 16 ounce or larger can of crushed Dole pineapple.
  • 1/4 cup of finely chopped green, yellow or red sweet bell pepper.
  • Adolph’s meat tenderizer if you use tenderizer in your home.
  • Schilling’s “Peppered Season-all” seasoned salt
  • Garlic powder
  • Hickory wood chips for the BBQ

The Lamb

Start with one Leg of Lamb, bone in.  Have the butcher cut it crosswise into one inch thick slices for you.  Most supermarkets will do this for you at no charge if you ask..

The Marinade

Prepare the simple marinade as follows:

  • Place the contents from one 16 to 24 ounce jar of Pineapple/apricot preserve (the kind used on toast) into a large bowl and liquefy it by stirring it with a spoon for a minute or two. Combine it with a sixteen ounce (or more) can of moderately drained crushed Dole pineapple.  (Don’t drain it dry, leave it moist but not dripping.)  Reserve the juice.
  • Divide the marinade into two portions reserving about 1/3 for use later. It may be stored at room temperature. I just pour it back into the original jar the preserve came in and put the cover on.
  • Then add 1/4 cup of finely chopped green, yellow or red sweet bell pepper to the larger portion.


  • Place the Leg of Lamb steaks in rectangular Pyrex type glass dishes.
  • Pour the small amount of reserved pineapple juice over the meat.
  • Sprinkle Adolph’s meat tenderizer on the lamb, if you use tenderizer in your home.
  • Sprinkle Schilling’s Peppered Season-all seasoned salt, or your favorite coarse, multi-flavor pepper.  Just don’t use hot pepper or chili pepper, etc.
  • If you enjoy garlic, as this wannabe Italian does, sprinkle just a little garlic on at this time.
  • Brush on or pour liberal amounts of the pineapple/apricot marinade, coating all the meat.  Then immediately turn the meat over and repeat on the other side.
  • Cover with plastic wrap and marinate in the refrigerator.  One of the secrets to success here is to marinate the meat for at least three or four hours.  Longer if you have time (up to 8 hours).  Turn the meat over once or twice.


  • Presoak one or two cups of hickory wood chips for an hour or so.
  • Get your grill HOT first, then place the wood chips on a small grate or pan resting on the coals or flavor bars
  • Place lamb steaks onto the preheated HOT grill to sear.
  • Turn after five minutes to sear the other side, then reduce heat and cook until done the way you prefer your meat.
  • Keep grill covered while cooking and keep if from flaming once you’ve seared the meat.
  • Baste the meat often using the marinade.
  • Discontinue using the marinade when the meat approaches being done.
  • Cut into one steak to check for doneness if you wish.


  • When done, place the barbecued lamb steaks onto a non-metallic tray (do not use foil either).
  • Recall the unused marinade that you’ve been storing at room temperature in the jelly jar.
  • Immediately prior to serving, lightly brush this fresh marinade onto the top side of each hot piece of barbecued lamb.  You might also place a dollop of it on the plate.

Side dishes

Rice, corn on the cob, baked, sliced or mashed potatoes; Barbecued slices of bell pepper, onion and pineapple on skewers.  If you’re really daring, core and cut a fresh pineapple into disks, lightly sprinkle with sugar and slightly blacken over a flaming BBQ grill.