Chag Sa’Mayoff

Chag Sameach ⇒ Chag Sa’Mayoff

You say Tomayto, I say Tomawto

Chag Sameach is a traditional Hebrew greeting meaning Happy Holiday.  So what could be more appropriate for Mayoff Day than to wish friends and family a Chag Sa’Mayoff.  We can’t be sure if that was the original pronunciation of Chag Sameach, but it might have been.  And if it wasn’t, perhaps it should have been.

So, whatever your preference, and whatever your language, we wish you all a
Happy Mayoff Day.

Chag Sa’Mayoff

This says Chag Sameach

Hebrew Chag SameachIt takes very little to change it to Chag Sa’Mayoff.  This says Chag Samayov

Hebrew Chag Sameayov