Mayoff Day 1999

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The Real History of Bread

Great Harvest Bread Company logoWhen Denise was preparing for her position as manager of the local Great Harvest Bread Company store we researched the history of bread.  Through unbelievable diligence, luck and sheer inventiveness we uncovered information that had previously been lost to history. Having recreated this history we are pleased to share it with Mayoffs and friends everywhere.

Early in the evolution of the earth, on scattered islands throughout Polynesia and the South Seas, an unusual plant developed.  This plant produced a large, edible fruit that could be cooked and eaten from the time it first blossomed until it reached full maturity.  The fruit could feed and sustain people in times of plenty and in times of famine.  Like manna from heaven when there was no bread to eat, the earliest inhabitants of Polynesia depended on the fruit of this tree in good times and in bad.  In fact they even called the fruit of this tree “breadfruit”.

Picture of HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty

In the 17th century, European sailors on the HMS Bounty discovered the breadfruit tree among the Polynesian islands.  The crew was invited by the local population to share in the bountiful fruit of the breadfruit tree, to shed their clothes and enjoy the warm waters of the South Pacific, and to enjoy the company of their friends both new and old.  Some among them suggested transporting seedlings of breadfruit trees to Jamaica, but the crew of the Bounty mutinied against this idea, preferring to take life slowly, to enjoy friendships and family and think of those around and joys that each has seen.

The mutiny is reported to have happened right at the end of May, perhaps leading to the first Mayoff Day celebration.  During our research we uncovered an antique parchment with a sea shanty that appears to have survived from that early Mayoff Day celebration and that gave us insights into the thoughts of those that gathered together.  The words and Music of the Night have been carefully deciphered and transcribed and you can read them for yourself.  You can even hear what it must have sounded like.

Mayoff Day Celebrates the Discovery

Art and Sue Mayoff flew to Dallas to attend their first Texas Mayoff Day celebration.  Prior to the event they squeezed in time for a bit of sightseeing.

Then there was partying to do.