Group photo: Front Row: Ali Vamos (Sam), Adam and Jennifer Fineberg Scott (Soc), Debbie, Mattie and Sue Mayoff (Sam). Standing: Walter Berman (Abr), Art Mayoff (Sam), Barbara Berman (Abr), Jeffrey Cappe. In front of [ ] is Tiana Roebuck. Jeffrey Cappe, Gerry Solomons, Cheryl Cappe, Stephen Solomons, Len Cappe, Sonia Cappe, Beatrice and Syd Solomons. (Soc)

Toronto Mayoff Day 2000

Solomons Secret Discovered in Toronto

During the middle of May contact was made with Jennifer Fineberg Scott and Stephen Solomons to discuss the possibility of having a mini-reunion and Mayoff Day party in Toronto on May 30th.  After several e-mails, plans were firmed up and arrangements were made to gather at Stephen and Gerri Solomons’ home in downtown Toronto.