Toronto Mayoff Day 2002

Frankie Tomatto’s Restaurant in Toronto hosts Mayoff Day Dinner



June 1, 2002 saw another celebration of Mayoff Day in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Attendees were Walter and Barbara Berman, and Delia Hoker [now Delia Mayoff].  Barbara is the daughter of the late Moe Mayoff, a descendant of Abraham.  Walter is Barbara’s husband.  Delia Hoker was awarded an official Honorary Mayoff Certificate in 1999.  She is the significant other of Rob Mayoff (Abr) of Austin, Texas and traveled to Toronto to share her expertise in partying, Mayoff-Day style.  Considering that no one brought a camera, the picture below is a virtual photo of Barbara, Walter and Delia as they may have appeared in the bread line at Frankie Tomatto’s on Mayoff Day.  In the background (right) might be virtual celebrant Art Mayoff (Sam), who wishes he had been there.


Picture of Frankie Tomatto's with Barbara, Walter and Delia inserted

Picture of Frankie Tomatto’s with Barbara, Walter and Delia inserted