Montreal Reunion – 2000

Our Montreal cousins held a mini-reunion on May 28, 2000.  Fifty Mayoff friends and family convened to celebrate our international family holiday, Mayoff Day. Held at the Bifteck restaurant in Montreal, it was a night to remember.

The evening started off with a “COD” cocktail party in the comfortable ante-room next to the banquet dining hall.  Mayoffs, Mayoff descendants and friends of Mayoffs enjoyed hugging, talking, perusing photo albums, posing for photos and coralling youngsters.

mound of Mayoff Day cookies

Mayoff Day cookies

In anticipation of this special event, Sue and Art Mayoff baked 150 official Mayoff Day cookies, which by the end of the evening had disappeared leaving only a tray of crumbs.  Some people were even heard excusing themselves from conversation so they could grasp a few more chocolate peanut butter chip cookies before they were all gone.