The above item is a partial extract of Sophie Mayoff's transfer of one of the four graves to Sandra Alotta on January 16, 1976. The text reads as follows:

"I Sophie Mayoff residing at Morningside House, Bronx, New York being the owner of Graves 3 and 4, Rows 1 and 2, Block 5, Section 2, Division L in New Montefiore Cemetery, Pinelawn, L.I., New York...."

It appears also tha Sophie was unable to sign her name and made the mark of an "X." That mark was witnessd by Louis Freiberg on June 10, 1978 and notorized by Maureen Lennon.

An e-mail from Sandra Alotta on June 16, 2001 stated that "Sophie Mayoff, her husband Hymie Mayoff and son Arthur Mayoff are buried in three of the graves."

Above: Sophie and Hymie Mayoff (Ush)
Below: Hymie's sister and brother-in-law, Esther Mayoff (Ush) and her husband Hymie Mayoff.

Above: Toba Mayoff, Usher's wife.
Below: One of Toba's daughters, Anne Mayoff Sabran circa 1926.

Above: Anne Mayoff Sabran with husband Max Sabran and daughter Sandra (Alotta), circa 1939.

Moe Marks, husband of Bessie Mayoff Marks

(Thanks to Sandra Alotta for all the items on this page.)